promotes the beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Bay Area!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport exclusive to girls that applies elements of superior flexibility and coordination in conjunction with the use of apparatus that includes dance, ball, ribbon, clubs, hoop and rope.

We have locations in San Jose and Mountain View.

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Schedule is subject to be changed as we are adjusting to COVID-19 protocol updates.

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For new students:

Drop-in $15 per session (Xcel/Stretching class, Adults class), $25 per session (Team classes)

Please ask us for link to Zoom meeting and other information needed to join.

Online private classes are available, please request for availability and more information. 

We appreciate your understanding and support in that difficult situation. Our gymnast's health is our main priority. 

Please stay home if anyone in your household may have been exposed and/or experiencing a symptoms of COVID-19.  If you are traveling to the areas with high COVID cases, please have a negative PCR test ready upon arrival, before coming to the gym to ensure everyone's safety. 

Definitions. For purposes of this Order, the following definitions apply:


“Face covering” means a face covering that is well-fitted to an individual and covers the nose and mouth especially while talking, consistent with the guidance of the CDPH at https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/guidance-for-face-coverings.aspx. A face covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, or single layer of fabric or any mask that has an unfiltered one-way exhaust valve.


Face Coverings


Vaccines remain the most powerful tool in the fight against COVID-19, including the Delta variant. Nonetheless, the Delta variant is infecting a percentage of the vaccinated — who remain strongly protected against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. The new Order of the Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara requires wearing a well-fitting mask indoors to help minimize the spike in community transmission. 

Not all members of our community are vaccinated, and face coverings remain a critical tool in protecting our community against the spread of COVID-19. In Santa Clara County, you must wear a face covering whenever required to do under County or State face covering rules.  For more information about these requirements, please see the County’s “Public Health Order Frequently Asked Questions” page.

For what kinds of activities are you allowed to remove a face covering?

To the extent allowed by state or federal rules requiring face coverings for unvaccinated people, wearing a face covering is not required in any of the following situations.  However, everyone is urged to move such activities outdoors or avoid them altogether.

  • Sports. Participants in indoor sports, gyms, and yoga studios may not remove their face coverings except while actively engaged in water-based activities (e.g., swimming, swim lessons, diving, water polo) and other sports where masks create imminent risk to health (e.g., wrestling, judo), or at a time where heat and major exertion creates a safety risk. 


What kind of face covering should I wear?

Under the Order, a face covering must be well-fitted to an individual and cover the nose and mouth especially while talking, consistent with the guidance of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  A face covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, or single layer of fabric or any mask that has an unfiltered one-way exhaust valve.

Not all face coverings are equally effective, and a medical-grade (i.e., surgical) mask offers greater protection and is advisable.  Please see CDPH guidance on types of face coverings for more information


Source: County of Santa Clara Emergency Operations Center


Watch our amazing Katelyn flying at Las


Diana's Rhythmic Gymnastics combines ballet and creative movements to music, while working with ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes, and clubs. Our classes are designed to develop grace in movement, muscular strength/flexibility and build self-confidence. We are committed to providing a safe, fun and positive learning environment for the students.
Originally named Starlite Gymnastics Academy for six years, we've now changed to Diana's Rhythmic Gymnastics and continue to teach rhythmic gymnastics with the same dedication.

Our Team has been performed and participated in various profit and non-profit events all around San Francisco Bay Area!


2021 BRONZE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (All-Around, 5 Ribbons)!

FIG Junior Group: Sasha Ivashkevich, Anna Lychagina, Maria Ortiz, Anna Lee, Bella Chen