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Team members and parents are held to the highest standard of respect and positive attitudes towards Diana’s Rhythmic Club coaches, teammates, team parents, and all other Diana’s Rhythmic Club students and parents. If violations of respect or negative talk occur, a meeting will take place between the appropriate parties (coach, athlete, and/ or parents) to address the behaviors/ problems that are occurring, express the standard of conduct that is expected, and find a way to solve the issue. In extreme cases, when respect issues or negative attitudes cannot be resolved and are becoming a detriment to others, the athlete will be removed from the team. 

Team members and parents are expected to have excellent sportsmanship at all times, at all competitions, whether inside the club or out of state. Please refrain from negative comments about any other gymnast, team, coach, or judge and just encourage everyone!

Parents – As we strive for excellence in competitive rhythmic gymnastics, our goal is to build good character qualities, including determination, patience, and self-discipline. Because we are more focused on inward character training than we are on scores or awards, we don’t want our gymnasts to feel that their value is based on whether they win a competition or not. Please prepare your athlete for the fact that they may not receive awards at every meet (many competitions will only give out awards to the top 3 to 8 girls) and let them know that you are proud of their performance and the good character qualities they are building… not just how they score or place! Every competitive gymnast is trained to reach her full potential in this sport. Each girl should always be competing against herself!


A registration/ membership fee of $100/ athlete must be paid prior to the beginning of each competitive season. This is separate from the USAG required membership fee, that will be paid by the parent directly to USAG. All team members are required to have a credit card saved on file with Diana’s Rhythmic Club. The tuition cost will be automatically charged to your credit card on file with us on the last day of every month, for the following month. We do not accept checks or cash for the tuition payments. If the card on file cannot be charged (is declined or has not yet been saved), you have 5 days to change/ save a (new) card number on file and complete the payment. If the full tuition payment is not received by the 5th day of the month, a late payment fee of $35 will be automatically charged. If the payment is late 30 days, your child’s team membership will be terminated, and if/ when rejoining the team, a new registration fee will be assessed. If a team member withdraws from team, you will be responsible for that month's fee. Withdraws are only effective at the end of any month (there will be no partial payments or reimbursements of tuition). There will be no exceptions allowed.


We value the priority of family events or vacations and religious commitments, but aside from this, attending practice regularly and being on time (in practice attire and ready to begin before practice starts) is an important expectation that the coaches have of all Diana’s Rhythmic Club team athletes. 


Our expectation is that the parents inform us in writing at at least two weeks ahead of time if you will be on vacation. You are allowed a maximum of 2 (two) weeks of vacation per year, which will be pro-rated. 


No credits for additional vacation time taken (over the 2 weeks allowed), sickness, holiday closures, or injuries (we schedule and staff our gym based on the number of students enrolled in the team). You have the option to withdraw your child from the team if you will be absent longer than the 2 weeks allowed, and you can try to re-enroll them at a later time, upon your return. Note that we will not hold any team spots for the athletes that drop, and you will only be able to re-enroll if there are open spots available on the team at the time. When/ if re-enrolling, you will be required to pay the $100 registration fee (even if you have already paid it once for that same year).


Practice Attire and Appearance: toe shoes and fitted, stretch clothing, suitable for stretching and exercising (i. e. fitted, stretch shorts, stretch t-shirts or tank tops, warm-up pants, etc) should be worn at each practice. The hair should be in a bun (if long enough) or pony tail (off the face), if shorter. Please make sure that the training clothing is washed after every practice, do not wear the same clothing twice without washing it. Make sure your child is always dressed properly for class. Watches and jewelry are not allowed (no necklaces, rings, earrings). For the older team members, deodorant is required. 


Each athlete will be in the gym for their designated practice times only. For instance, Team B athletes can only come to practice on Team B designated days, level 4 can only come on level 4 practice days, etc. 


Please be considerate of our coaches’ time and pick up your children promptly, at the end of each practice. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur, however habitual late pick-ups will incur a fee of $5/ minute. The fee will be charged to the card on file with us. There will be no exceptions allowed. 


The competition attire should consist of competition leotard and team warm-ups. We require all girls to wear under-leotards that will fit under the competition leotard neatly and remain unseen. This is to avoid deductions that are taken from the girls’ score for undergarments showing or not present (non-conforming). Hair must be pulled up in a high bun, with no hair hanging over the eyes or around the face. Hairspray and hair nets must be used.

All workload calculations, level mobility, training plan and preparation for the season are based on the assumption that gymnast is at 100% training hours rate and participates in the competitions at the recommended pace as competitions are part of the development.


All missed classes, travels, sick days, low-productivity presence at gym, early pickup/late drop off, extra non-related activities on a gymnast's presumed weekend and doing sports non-compatible with rhythmic gymnastics (ice skating, ballroom dance, soccer, etc) will reflect on the end-of-the-year result, may cause injuries and can be partially full filled but NOT substituted with private lessons.


Recommended amount of non-gymnastics activities to maintain professional focus: 1-2 hours weekly.

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